Band Safety

It is very important to not take band safety lightly. Best practices will not only ensure to keep your bands healthy for a long time, but most importantly keep yourself health!

Best Practice Tips:

  1. Inspect bands for cuts, nicks, scratches, cracks, punctures, discoloration
  2. Never release/let go when under tension
  3. Always begin movement slowly, especially first rep to ensure band quality/health
  4. Do not over stretch a band. Anything over 2.5 times its length is stretching it too far.
  5. Keep away from kids! Bands are not toys
  6. Do not Loop band or anchor around rough, sharp edges.



  1. Clean bands by wiping with a damp cloth
  2. Do not use soap or any cleaning products to clean bands as these can deteriorate the strength of the band.
  3. Keep bands away from direct sunlight
  4. Keep bands away from heat
  5. Bands should not be stored outside or in cold environments